Using Channel Resource Guides is even easier than creating them. Here are some great ways to take advantage of the guides you create.

General Tips

Every Channel Resource Guides is fully interactive and also comes with a PDF.

  • The interactive guide is designed to be viewed on any device, even your smartphone.
  • This makes Channel Resource Guides great for reading on the go. The PDF is designed to be printed on any home or office printer.

Guides are a great way to share agronomic resources, harvest results and seed products that work best in your area. They can include any or all of those resources. Here are some ideas for the types of guides you can build.

  • Build a guide with seed products from the Seed Finder and send it to your Seedsman to start your planning discussions.
  • Build a guide with agronomic resources from the Agronomy Library for common disease and pest issues and send it to your friends and coworkers so they can learn more.
  • Compile plot reports from your area in Harvest Results​ to see what seed products worked best and review the results with your Seedsman.

Channel Resource Guides are a great way to save content for yourself but they are designed with sharing in mind.

  • Try creating a guide with great locally-relevant content and sharing that guide with your friends or coworkers.
  • Create a guide with information that interests you and send it to your Seedsman so you can work together for a great growing season.
  • Share your guides on Twitter and Facebook so your followers and friends can see the great content you collected.

Sharing Guides on Social Media

Sharing your guides on Twitter and Facebook is as easy as clicking a button. Every Channel Resource Guide has a Twitter and Facebook icon. Click on those icons and you'll have a chance to customize a tweet or status update that includes the link to your guide. You can also simply copy and paste the link to your guide and share it anywhere.​