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Seeds of Change

Thank you for showing interest in growing your business and expanding your opportunities as a Channel Seedsman. Take a moment and see what Channel can offer you.

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Your ambition and willingness to embrace new possibilities are exactly the qualities that make a successful Seedsman. We have the support and resources you need to achieve success and grow your business. See the many ways Channel supports you below.

Marketing Tools

As a Channel Seedsmen, you have access to comprehensive marketing tools across multiple channels — some that can be customized for your local business — including:

  • Digital tools
  • Direct mail programs
  • Field and facility signs
  • Event support
  • Local marketing materials
  • Sales collateral

Training and Development

Channel is dedicated to offering the best training and development opportunities designed to help Seedsmen grow both their knowledge and businesses.

  • Seedsman Ignite: Customized training that focuses on sales, agronomy and business growth
  • Seedsman Academy: Training partnership with Purdue University to increase business strategy and planning skills, marketing focus, and expand your network of contacts and resources
  • Master Seedsman Summit: Destination training and development event for the top 20% of Seedsmen and their spouses

Financing & Discount Programs

When it comes to making purchases, your Channel customers have a variety of finance and discount options. These attractive offers and discount programs help drive sales and loyalty.

  • Attractive finance offers combined with discount programs help drive sales
  • Channel Preferred Financing offered through John Deere Financial

Digital Tools

Channel offers a suite of tools that help Seedsman offer the Channel experience. Tools include:

  • Integrated Climate FieldView and Seedsman 360 app allows you to become more responsive, more supportive and more connected to your customers than ever before
  • Quote Generator to provide access to most current pricing and discounts
  • Inventory iPad app to make tracking, receiving and delivery easy
  • Population Optimizer tool, available on, offers local data ratings and characteristics
  • Seed Finder, available on, provides access to recommended products based on zip code, crop and desired trait
  • Planting Guides and Local Positioning Guides help you take personalized service to the next level, and help growers operate with even greater precision

In-Field Support

Channel Seedsmen are known for offering one-of-a-kind personalized support and training. To help you offer this level of service, Channel provides the following in-field support:

  • Agronomy Resources – Expert articles and videos that keep growers informed on the latest data and science impacting their farm all season long
  • Climate FieldView – Collects and visualizes field data, monitors the impact of decisions and helps growers make adjustments when needed
  • Seed Applied Solutions – Exclusive combinations of active ingredients and beneficial microbes that work together to help encourage more rapid emergence, enhanced nodulation, and greater nutrient availability

Exclusive Research,
Plots and Promotion

Channel offers elite seed products. But we also offer so much more. As a Seedsman, you’ll have exclusive access to:

  • Extensive breeding program and pipeline to deliver Channel Elite Seed Products for grower success
  • Support from the Channel agronomy organization and learning centers to promote and locally place the Channel product portfolio

“Channel knows the Seedsman is the most important asset they have. If we see a problem or deficiency arise in our business plan, a simple phone call to your District Sales Manager is all that you need to get the ball rolling on a solution.”




“The support we get from Channel is second to none. It’s pretty awesome to have a company that will back you up. It makes customers feel better about doing business with you, knowing that no matter what you will stand behind a product.”




“Channel enabled me to expand my seed base to a larger geography. Channel has a genetic portfolio that gives me more options for my customers. The Channel lineup is the most enticing in the industry.”




If you’re interested in growing your business and expanding your opportunities as a Channel Seedsman, take the next step by contacting Doug Reed, Distribution Development Manager, to continue the conversation and learn even more about Channel.

doug reed

distribution development


C: 815-867-7270


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