Acceleron Seed Applied Solutions  

Seed Applied Solutions

Protect your Channel® seed with Acceleron® Seed Applied Solutions. Acceleron Seed Applied Solutions offer protection and control against many diseases and insects that can affect your overall yield potential. 

Corn Seed Applied Solutions

Soybean Seed Applied Solutions


NemaStrike Technology

NemaStrike™ Technology, a new seed treatment technology from Acceleron® Seed Applied Solutions, strikes where nematodes attack to protect against yield loss. It delivers broad-spectrum control from the start and stays in the root zone as plants grow, protecting against yield loss.

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Roundup Ready Plus Crop Management Solutions  

Weed and Pest Management

Roundup Ready PLUS® Crop Management Solutions is an ​initiative that offers proactive weed and pest management for the highest yielding seed and traits, along with a range of recommendations and potential cash-back incentives to help you control weed resistance.


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