Acceleron Seed Applied Solutions  

Seed Applied Solutions

Protect your Channel® seed with Acceleron® Seed Applied Solutions. Acceleron Seed Applied Solutions offer protection and control against many diseases and insects that can affect your overall yield potential. In addition, Acceleron S​eed Applied Solutions can also be combined with Poncho®​​/VOTiVO® for even better protection against yield threatening diseases and insects.

Corn Seed Applied Solutions

Soybean Seed Applied Solutions


NemaStrike Technology

NemaStrike™ Technology, a new seed treatment technology from Acceleron® Seed Applied Solutions, strikes where nematodes attack to protect against yield loss. It delivers broad-spectrum control from the start and stays in the root zone as plants grow, protecting against yield loss.

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Roundup Ready Plus Crop Management Solutions  

Weed and Pest Management

Roundup Ready PLUS® Crop Management Solutions is an ​initiative that offers proactive weed and pest management for the highest yielding seed and traits, along with a range of recommendations and potential cash-back incentives to help you control weed resistance.


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