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Helping you protect your elite Channel seed — and your overall yield potential — is a top priority of a Seedsman. The Acceleron® portfolio can deliver protection from yield-robbing threats, including: diseases, insects, nematodes, as well as moisture or nutrient stress. Being prepared with the right protection, along with expert advice of a Channel Seedsman, can help your crops rise out of the ground strong and ready for whatever the season has in store.



Diseases cost growers millions of bushels per year.1 Protect your bushels with exclusive combinations of fungicides that defend against the top diseases for each crop, including: Fusarium, Pythium and Rhizoctonia Solani.

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Early season pests can cause significant damage to crops — potentially leading to delayed emergence, stand loss, plant injury and stunting. Work with your Seedsman to defend your crops from these threats with the advanced insecticide control found in Acceleron® Seed Applied Solutions.

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While undetectable by the human eye, nematodes are a major threat to your yield — costing growers an estimated >10% in yield loss.2 NemaStrike Technology by Acceleron® Seed Applied Solutions defends your crops against a wide range of nematodes from the start.

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Your Channel products need nutrients and moisture. Deficiencies of these vital inputs can impair root growth, making it even harder for plants to get what they need. Bio-Enhancers make nutrients available to plants, helping maximize yield potential. While benefits vary by crop, these products can also enhance functional root volume and increase nutrient uptake, protecting plants from moisture or nutrient stress.

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