​Channel® Sorghum

Channel® grain sorghum features a broadened germplasm base with a long-standing reputation for performance potential.


Sorghum Seed

Backed by a long, successful history in sorghum-producing areas, this year’s Channel grain sorghum product offering features a broadened germplasm base. Channel has delivered an industry-leading five new grain sorghum products to the ma​rket in the past year, bolstering a lineup with a long-standing reputation for performance potential. Your Channel Seedsman is your resource for helping decide which Channel® Sorghum best fits your farming operation.


Seed Treatment Options

For a safer, more convenient and effective seed treatment, Channel® Grain Sorghum seed is treated with Poncho® and Concep® III or with Concep® III alone. This treatment can outperform conventional seed applied insecticides.

To find the Sorghum product that is right for you, contact your local Channel Seedsman or use our online seed finder​.

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