Channel® sources the highest-performing genetics globally, and tests them locally to allow Channel Seedsmen to make the best recommendations on your fields. Channel specializes in corn, soy​beans, sorghum, and alfalfa.


Corn Seed

Channel corn seed genetics are sourced globally and tested locally, allowing your Channel Seedsman to bring you choices with superior performance potential.

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Soybean Seed

Channel soybeans offer enhanced genetic diversity and more options for more growing conditions with improved disease tolerance and yield potential.

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Sorghum Seed

Channel grain sorghum features a broadened germplasm base with a long-standing reputation for performance potential.

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Alfalfa Seed

Take advantage of the benefits of Channel® brand alfalfa products that offer the potential for solid yields, high forage quality and excellent disease resistance.

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Our direc​t connection to Monsanto technology means every bag of Channel seed represents our commitment to providing farms with the best products available.

Monsanto invests nearly $3 million per day in research and development to continually develop and commercialize new seed technologies.  These seed technologies, protected under U.S. patents and shared via the Monsanto Technology/Stewardship Agreement (MTSA), enable farmers to realize better profit potential, wider choices for seed and better risk management.


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