About the Channel® Brand

Committed to Your Success

What makes the Channel brand different from other seed brands? We believe it is the partnership we build with you. As a Channel farmer, you’ll experience this partnership through the Channel® Field Check Up Series — backed by the Climate FieldView™ platform — where your Channel Seedsman will make observations about your specific conditions, listen to your needs and give tailored recommendations throughout the season and beyond.

It starts with placing products to perform, extends into evaluating crop development throughout the season, and continues well after harvest into planning for the next year.

It’s all part of Seedsmanship At Work® — a commitment to go above and beyond to help you succeed.

This commitment is supported by our three core pillars:

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Expert Advice

Your Channel Seedsman and a trusted team of advisors — including local agronomists and expert personnel — help you get the most out of every stage of the season with expert advice and insights.

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Customized Service

A Channel Seedsman is dedicated to delivering recommendations tailored to your specific concerns, goals and conditions through the Channel® Field Check Up Series.

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Elite Seed Products

Channel® products are designed to perform in local conditions and developed with a rigorous selection process using field-proven, precision-breeding technology to help farmers maximize plant vigor and yield potential.

Seedsmanship Roadshow

Delivering customized service all season long is what sets Channel apart. With the Seedsmanship Roadshow, you can get a true feel for what Channel is about by following Channel Seedsmen from around the country who are making a difference for their farmers.

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Discover the Field Check Up Series

See how a Channel Seedsman will walk your fields and provide customized recommendations based on your specific conditions.

Learn How It Works

Breakfast and agronomy advice served hot.

Start your morning off right with “Ag Over Easy,” the new podcast from Channel. Each episode delivers locally sourced insight from industry experts to give you a fresh perspective on all things agronomy. Join our host Janice Person as she serves up a hearty meal with equally hearty advice.

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