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Capture Profits by Managing Grain Storage at Home

As farmers collect and analyze 2019 yield data they have the ability to determine a solid breakeven price for the new crop. This information helps to make decisions about selling a few more bushels versus storing grain, especially in situations where cash is needed.

Product Placement Yields Success

Every day, farmers make big decisions that affect the profitability of their operations. I make a difference for the farmers I work with by helping to identify their challenges and pinpointing solutions to help increase yield potential and profitability. The tools I use help my customers be successful with Channel products.

Field Check Up Series Visits Take To The Sky

Expanded offerings from Climate FieldView™ are helping Channel Seedsmen enhance the service and expertise they provide to farmers through Channel Field Check Up Series visits.

Channel Seedsman Consider Product Placement All Year Long

For Channel Seedsmen, product evaluations happen all season long. Here’s what Channel Seedsman have to say about placing products on local farms and fields.

Time to Focus on Net Profits

When it comes to the commodity markets and profitability, 2019 has been a roller-coaster ride for producers. With spring insurance prices of $4 for corn and $9.54 for soybeans, prices in the winter weren’t terrible by any means. However, as I write this column in mid-May, profit margins look to continue to tighten.

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