Channel® Brand Integrates Service and Technology

Insights Benefit Farmers This Season and Next Season

During the Channel® Field Check Up Series visits at each crop stage — seedling, vegetative, reproductive and maturity — Channel Seedsmen gain knowledge about each customer’s fields and provide real-time observations to their farmer-customers who opt in to share information on the Climate FieldView platform. This information allows Seedsmen to pinpoint opportunities to enhance crop health for greater yield and is then compiled into a Custom Crop Report.

The Custom Crop Report includes information from across a farmer’s operation and quickly and efficiently provides agronomic insights to track crop progress, make yield-enhancing decisions for the current crop and inform product selection for the following season. When it’s product selection time,  the farmer and Seedsman can review their Custom Crop Reports, recapping the notes from each field.

Experts about local conditions, Channel Seedsmen have access to research data to
determine the best group of products for each farm. With all that available information, the Seedsman and farmer can then work together to select the highest performing product lineup.

Climate FieldView, the Field Check Up Series and Custom Crop Reports enable Channel Seedsmen to provide even better service with more accurate observations and real-time data insights.

Brett Ochs

Channel® Brand Corn Product Manager

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