Channel Field Check Up Series Seedling Stage

It’s time to get boots on the ground and eyes in the field for the seedling stage of the Field Check Up Series. The next few weeks of observations and notes made by Channel Seedsmen can help provide a picture of fall yield potential and set the stage for next season’s product selection.

Channel Seedsmen evaluate plant emergence and take stand counts to determine if in-field plant populations are hitting expected yield targets. The Custom Crop Report – a summary of field notes and observations that evaluate stand health – can help determine if there is a need to replant a field or initiate management practices to maximize yield potential of the existing stand.

Channel Seedsmen are a conduit of knowledge supported by Channel Technical Agronomists and the local sales team. With a broad view of growing conditions in your geography, your local Seedsman, Technical Agronomist and sales manager stay aware of yield-damaging disease, insects and weeds, along with trending management practices.

One of the biggest knowledge drivers in the Channel organization is the technical agronomist network. By observing and tracking product tests, this important collective generates real-time information that Seedsmen pass along to farmers for in-season management and future product selections.

Remember, the seedling stage of your Channel Seedsman’s Field Check Up Series is the critical first step in evaluating product performance to maximize this year’s yields and plan field by field product recommendations for the 2020 season. As you enter the new growing season, leverage the knowledge and expertise of your Channel Seedsman.

Brett Ochs

Channel® Brand Corn Product Manager

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