Channel Seedsmen Consider Product Placement All Year Long

For Channel Seedsmen, product evaluations happen all season long. During Field Check Up Series visits, which are provided exclusively by Channel, Seedsmen evaluate product performance in a range of field conditions.

Channel Seedsmen evaluate the agronomic needs on farmers’ fields during each stage of the Field Check Up Series visit to ensure that seed products selected for the following season are the best match for the growing environment on each farm and field.

Here’s what Channel Seedsman have to say about placing products on local farms and fields:

“Every farmer and field has a different need in product selection. It’s extremely vital to see those products in different stages throughout the year. I am building my understanding of how each product performs to improve yield potential every year.” – Andrew Phillips, Channel Seedsman, Iowa

“As a Channel Seedsman, I work with my customers to develop a plan to be successful this year and to be successful next year. While I’m in their fields doing Field Check Up Series visits and creating Custom Crop Reports, I’m collecting and sharing information to help place products for a roadmap for success.” – Kyle Allen, Channel Seedsman, Missouri

“Monitoring fields in Climate FieldView allows us to place the product that is going to perform the best and reach top yields for each field, each fertility level and each soil type.” – Beau Jacobson, Channel Seedsman, Minnesota

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