Channel Seedsmen Share Real-Time Information with Climate FieldView™

The power of Climate FieldView and the Channel Field Check Up Series is bringing Channel Seedsmen and their customers an easy-to-use, collaborative tool that enriches the on-farm decision-making process with real-time data.

By sharing access to their FieldView account with their Channel Seedsman, farmers receive a private, real-time view and notifications of all the field photos, pins, evaluation notes and other valuable information Channel Seedsmen provide with the Field Check Up Series.

Here’s how Channel Seedsmen are using Climate FieldView and the Field Check Up Series visits to support farmers:

“Climate FieldView is such an easy-to-use app. When we’re doing Field Check Up Series visits, the farmer doesn’t need to tell us where the field is, how to get there or where the product is once you get into the field. It’s all within the app.” – Steve Bristol, Channel Seedsman, Nebraska

“Climate FieldView allows me to see what’s planted where and to follow development throughout the growing season. I’m able to drop pins in the field to mark the good and bad areas, and monitor those during Field Check Up Series visits throughout the season.” – Beau Jacobson, Channel Seedsman, Minnesota

“The digital tools available with Climate FieldViewmake it much easier for me to connect on time with my customers and allow me to give them feedback from Field Check Up Series visits within seconds, right to their hand-held devices.” – Andrew Phillips, Channel Seedsman, Iowa

“With the satellite imagery and the yield maps in Climate FieldView, we’re able to select spots in fields that may have possible issues, so we can go out there and ground truth a problem during a Field Check Up Series visit.” – Kellen Meyer, Channel Seedsman, Nebraska

“A farmer might have a field that’s 15-20 miles away from the home farm. Say there’s a thin band of hail that goes through, I’ll get a notification and that’s my cue to get out and check that field for damage and follow up with the farmer ASAP.” – Susie Kerns - Petersen, Channel Seedsman, Iowa

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