Field Check Up Series Visits Take To The Sky

Expanded offerings from the Climate FieldView™ platform are helping Channel Seedsmen enhance the service and expertise they provide to farmers through Channel Field Check Up Series visits.

“Drones supplement the Channel Field Check Up Series visits by allowing Seedsmen to see issues from the air that can’t be seen from the ground,” said Tony Weis, Channel Technical Agronomist.

Beginning this spring, Channel Seedsmen will be able to preserve images from drone flights to farmers’ FieldView accounts. With new technology available from FieldView, Channel Seedsmen have the ability to easily upload imagery showing plant health across an entire field. Viewing fields through the expansive lens of a drone helps to pinpoint problem areas that might be missed from the ground. Seedsmen can then follow up with a Field Check Up Series visit to proactively diagnose a specific problem.  

“With drones I can identify potential issues in the field and then follow up, boots on the ground, with a Field Check Up Series visit to verify what the drone captured from the sky,” said Todd Arduser, Channel Seedsman from Madelia, Minnesota.

As drones have evolved, more and more options for using them have developed. Channel Seedsmen will have the ability to take stand counts, map weed pressure and review plant nutrient deficiencies like nitrogen loss, insect damage or a host of other challenges.

“We’ll be able to pinpoint issues and track those as the season progresses,” Arduser said. “It’s another way to provide service and expertise to farmers to help drive better decisions and profitability for the entire operation.”

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