Product Placement Yields Success

Every day, farmers make big decisions that affect the profitability of their operations. I make a difference for the farmers I work with by helping to identify their challenges and pinpointing solutions to help increase yield potential and profitability. The tools I use to help my customers be successful with Channel products include Field Check Up Series visits recorded with the Climate FieldView™ platform, which are then collected into a Custom Crop Report.

I utilize the knowledge I collect from Field Check Up Series visits to help me place products for top end yield potential. A farmer can buy products from anyone. That’s why Channel Seedsmen strive to provide their customers the best service possible.

When I’m doing my Field Check Up Series visits, often my customer is with me so they can see, firsthand, what’s going on in their field. But, once you leave the field, it’s easy to forget what you saw. The Custom Crop Report provides a history with pictures, pins and observations tracked in the field with

Climate FieldView to make sure we address a problem either this season or next. The FieldView platform tells the whole story from planting to harvest, both the good and the bad.

I encourage all of my customers to use the FieldView platform to easily accumulate data and access it in one spot. Customers who share their fields with me provide a bridge to submit feedback and management suggestions. We can analyze data to help reveal what is, and is not, working on a field.

I really enjoy working with my Channel customers. The data and recommendations I provide through the Channel Field Check Up Series gives farmers the information they need to make tough decisions with confidence. When farmers are able to make informed decisions, they are more likely to succeed.

David Wallner

Channel Seedsman

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