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Seedling Stage

Field Check Up Series 

Seeds of Success


The first of four Field Check Up Series visits begins here. Because your Channel Seedsman takes the time to understand your farm and goals, they’re able to help you start strong and set you up for a successful season.

What to Expect From Your Seedling Stage Visit

These are just some of the key actions a Seedsman takes when checking on your fields:

Evaluate Field Conditions

Your Seedsman will use the Climate FieldView™ platform to review planting conditions and concerns, evaluate seedling health and track GDUs from your planting dates to help plan ahead.

Conduct Stand Counts

To gauge the emergence and uniformity of your crops, your Seedsman will perform stand counts. Areas of interest will also be noted with photos and scouting pins within FieldView™.

Look Ahead

Your Seedsman will check for early foliar disease, insect and weed pressure; discuss potential nitrogen and chemistry applications; and work with you to plan the next stage visit.

Custom Crop Report

After documenting field observations, capturing photos and adjusting demographic data in FieldView, your Seedsman will summarize the stage visit and deliver it in a Custom Crop Report. 

Discover the Value of Seedsman Observations and Recommendations in a Custom Crop Report

Expert Advice During the Seedling Stage

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