Advantages of Drip Irrigation

Channel Seedsman Dusty McCormick of Crook, Colorado, shares some of the advantages of drip irrigation. 

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Key Takeaways:

  • The subsurface drip can allow farmers to maximize and optimize parts of their farms they couldn’t irrigate as efficiently with the center pivot.

  • Drip irrigation complements pivot irrigation.


What are some of the advantages of drip irrigation in your area? 

One of the things that's very valuable about drip irrigation is how it complements pivot irrigation. The subsurface drip, because of the way the land was originally flood irrigated and developed and owned, these center pivots are very defined in how they can irrigate the patterns of which they create. So now, we're watering a field that was designed to run north and south and not east and west. But that's the only way we can get water across it. So, the subsurface drip has really allowed the farmers to maximize and yet optimize some more parts of their farm that they couldn't irrigate as efficiently as they can with the center pivot. 

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