Benefits of a Strip-Till System

Watch this video to hear from Channel Seedsman Brian Fruechte to learn the benefits of a strip-till system. 

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Key Takeaways:

  • Strip-till nutrient application continues to gain popularity and offers a number of benefits. 
  • Instead of broadcasting nutrients across the field, strip-till application concentrates nutrients in the root zone. 
  • Reduced soil disturbance can help increase soil temperatures at planting.

What are the benefits of a strip-till system? 

In our area, more and more people are going toward a strip-till system, so they’re certainly applying their phosphorus and potassium through strip-till machines and you see a lot of that done in the fall, but some of it is even getting put on in the spring time and ahead of planting. People are going toward a strip-till system for a number of reasons. For one, they’re getting those macronutrients, phosphorus and potassium right in small root zone where the roots can easily find them instead of broadcasting them across every square inch of your field, and also they’re creating less soil disturbance on the top, so we’re making a black layer that’s maybe 6 or 8 inches wide depending on the equipment. That allows the soil to warm up quickly in the springtime when they’re planning and you don’t have to disturb the entire field. 

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