Benefits of Seed Treatments

Channel Seedsman Brody Little from Manito, Illinois, explains the benefits of seed treatments.

Key Takeaways:

  • Protecting the seed early on helps with stand and emergence throughout the year.
  • Without seed treatments, seeds are more likely to stay in the ground longer.

What are some of the benefits of seed treatments?

When I started to talk to growers about seed treatment, we saw a huge advantage last year. We were seeing some soybeans sit in the ground for 30 days before they sprouted and came out of the ground. A lot of that, I think, was due to our seed treatment. Our Acceleron® fungicide, insecticide was huge, and I think that should be a basic package for any grower, wherever you are. I know some guys later... maybe a double crop guy may not believe in it or want to put a seed treatment. But it's been very evident that protecting that seed early on is helping with our stand and emergence throughout the year. ​​

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