Benefits of Soil Sampling

Channel Seedsman Matt Everhart discusses how soil sampling data can improve a farmer’s yield potential.


Key Takeaways:
  • Soil sampling data can help Seedsmen make variable rate applications and get field fertility levels where they need to be.

  • It helps Seedsmen make a better recommendation of a product for a customer.


    How has the ability to soil sample provided benefit to your farm?

    So in my business, I also offer custom soil sampling. We'll start that usually after the fall harvest, into winter, through spring. It's a good time. Obviously, we're not in the field. The crop's not in the field. We're planning for the next growing season. We'll use that information to make variable rate applications, hopefully get guys to their field levels of fertility where they need to be. So our Channel® products have the best opportunity that they can. 

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