Benefits of Using Cereal Rye​

Channel Seedsman Eric Frank, from Lebanon, IN, explains the benefits of using cereal rye. 

Key Takeaways:

  • Cereal Rye can be burned down in multiple ways
  • Cereal Rye provides beneficial root systems and organic matter

What are the benefits of using cereal rye as a cover crop?

One of the cover crops that we like to see a lot of growers plant for us is cereal rye. We can either crimp it, mow it, we spray it, so we know that we can get a good kill on that. So, before that planter goes into the field we can actually get it down and burned down. The other thing, too, is we know that the root systems and the organic matter coming off that is just as good as a lot of other cover crops, and that's what we like to use cereal rye.​​

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