Causes of Uneven Stand Establishments​​​

Channel Seedsman Andrew Phillips from Schaller, Iowa, explains some of the causes of uneven stand establishments. 

Key Takeaways

  • Moisture in the furrow can cause an uneven stand establishment.
  • Corn stalks or bean stubble from the prior year can cause an uneven stand establishment.

What are factors that can cause uneven stand establishment?

There are a lot of things that cause uneven stand establishment. One would be moisture in the furrow, if you have wet parts of your furrow versus dry as you're going up and down hillsides. Another one would be foreign material, like corn stalks or bean stubble from the prior year, depending on if you hit foreign material or an air gap for example. Planter quality would be another one. Just making sure that you're going, you know, at the correct speed for your planter and making sure your planter is staying as smooth as possible. We really like in our area row cleaners to allow, you know, to remove some of that foreign material to get us the best seed-to-soil contact as possible, which allows us to get that good stand consistently.​​

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