Climate FieldView™ and the Field Check Up Series

Seedsman Joe Stanger discusses how he uses Climate FieldView ™ when he completes his Field Check Up Series visits with his growers.

Key Takeaways:
  • The mapping technology of FieldViewTM makes scouting visits more efficient.

  • Growers can share their FIeldView data with their seedsmen, allowing more time for their seedsmen to be in the field since they’ll know what product is already planted.


How do you use Climate FieldView™ when you are completing Field Check Up Series visits with your farmers?

Well, Field Checkup Series is just the seedsman and either by ourselves or with a grower, just getting out in the fields and checking them throughout the season. We're looking for different pests or issues that may have come up. Or hopefully, we're just giving it a grade A report card, right? And the mapping technology from FieldView is going to make me more efficient in those scouting visits because I will know the product that's planted in that field if that particular grower's a FieldView user, and he shared his data with me. Then I might not have to drag him away from whatever he's doing to look at those fields. So I'll be able to cut down on the time chasing him down, and spend more time in the field.


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