Considerations for Cutting Alfalfa

Seedsman Gabe Fiscus discusses what factors farmers need to consider when deciding to cut alfalfa in this Ag Advice.

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Key Takeaways:

  • You may have to cut alfalfa early if there is pressure from insects.
  • To get alfalfa to have a good regrowth, cut it 14-17 days before frost.

What factors do farmers need to consider when deciding to cut alfalfa?

There's all kinds of factors you need to take in consideration when deciding to cut your alfalfa. You may have to cut earlier if you've got a pressure from insects, maybe a rain coming. There's weather, insects, and just overall management on. If you want that alfalfa to get good regrowth, you wanna cut it before like 17, 14 days before frost so it has some regrowth and it doesn't winter kill.


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