Creating a Weed Management Plan

Channel Seedsman Micah Rensink explains the benefits of creating a weed management plan.

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Key Takeaways:

  • The Climate FieldView™ platform is a useful tool to help develop a weed management plan.
  • Once problem areas are identified, you can determine which chemicals should be used in your field's weed management.
How has using the Climate FieldView™ platform to develop a weed management system provided benefit to your farm?

Some of the growers I work with, we have a really nice relationship on working together on how do we make a weed management plan. One thing that is really effective and being able to use that and utilize what's going on in that field is Field Check Up Series. The beauty is we're able to use Climate FieldView with our Field Check Up Series, show them some pictures of what weeds are in this field, and then we can make a better recommendation for what we'd use for spraying and what chemicals we can use. When you're thinking about a weed management plan, you have to remember what kind of modes of action am I using on my weeds. Did I use that last year? And that's where the Field Check Up Series that you work with your Channel Seedsman with really plays an important role in that.

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