Delivering Customized Service

Watch this video to hear from Channel Seedsman Dusty McCormick to hear about how he customizes services for each of his growers in this video. 

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How do you deliver customized service?

Part of what we do in our business is help our growers with whatever they have. My wife, Roxy, and I really pride ourselves on being a great agriculture service business in our community. It’s not just water, it’s a helping hand. Sometimes it’s scouting that field, sometimes it might be taking a grower to an educational situation to teach him about a new tillage practice. So one of the things that we did this past year is I had a grower who has some really tight white clay soils and he has good, decent irrigation water. The downside about that is the ground just gets so hard that it doesn’t infiltrate well, so we’ve worked extensively with the frequency of irrigation, the depth of irrigation and tillage practices to help the water that he’s pumping out of the ground infiltrate into the ground at a better rate to where it’s more available to his crops.

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