Determining a Harvest Plan​

Channel Seedsman Frank Miklozek, from Terre Haute, Indiana, explains what he does to help farmers determine a harvest plan in this video.

Key Takeaways:

  • A key step in determining a harvest plan is to determine what products need to be harvested first.
  • Seedsmen look at problem areas first when determining a harvest plan.


I help growers with a harvest order by determining what products are going to be needed to harvest first, whether that's with a disease that's come into the area or a windstorm or something of that nature that's gonna be a detriment for them not to be making the most money that they can. So, I'll be walking fields and evaluating each one of those. I'll look at problem areas first. If we have a large windstorm that goes through on those products, and that can be multiple products, we'll evaluate those, rank them in order, get back to the grower, and then move forward.

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