Determining an Irrigation Strategy​

Channel Seedsman Scott Stedje, from Gruver, TX, explains how he works with his growers to determine an irrigation strategy. 

Key Takeaways:

  • Access to water and soil type should help inform your irrigation strategy
  • Seedsman Scott Stedje uses gallons per minute per acre to develop an irrigation strategy

How do you help growers determine an irrigation strategy?

Irrigation is very important where we're at, because we're 100% irrigation. We get an average rainfall of 12 to 15 inches a year, and so placing the right product on the grower's farm is key, understanding how much water they have. We go by how many gallons per minute per acre, so the biggest thing is water is our most limiting factor. I find out how much water the grower has, what kind of soil type. and then we place the product that best fits the acre. So, if we have three and a half gallon of water, we go with a DroughtGard product. Now, if we run with a, you know, big time water, we might push a race horse, you know, a big yielder.​

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