Determining Planting Rate​​

Channel Seedsman Andy Muff, from Ventura, IA, explains which factors he considers when determining planting rate with a grower. 

Key Takeaways:

  • Historical data, soil type and fertility all play a role in determining the correct planting rate
  • The Channel Population Optimizer can also help determine the correct planting rate

What factors do you consider when determining planting rate?

Determining the planting rate for a specific field I will take a look at the product and I'll use the planting rate calculator to determine the range for ideal planting populations for that product on a specific farm. And then we're gonna take a look at soil types and fertility levels and make sure that we've got adequate fertility to support those populations and we're gonna take a look at soil types to make sure we've got the right populations for those specific soil types. And when you put all of that together and get together with the grower and review it with his knowledge of the farm and how products have performed there in the past, we can usually fine-tune something that turns out to be an excellent recommendation.

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