Determining Plant Population​

Channel Seedsman Daryl Doty, from Malcolm, IA explains which factors he considers as he works with his growers to help them determine the correct planting populations for their fields. 

Key Takeaways:

  • Plant population is critical in maximizing yield potential
  • Understanding a grower’s fertility program can help determine the correct planting rate

What factors do you consider when determining plant populations?

Plant population could be very critical to get right in maximizing yield. So Plant Population Optimizer is a really good tool to help us make some of those determinations but there's other things that go into it as well. Things like fertilities and soil types and CSRs of the ground that the farmer is farming really help also determine that. The other thing that becomes very important is trying to anticipate what weather may do. You know, if we're going into a very dry year, we may perhaps want to lower the population a little bit versus if we feel we're going into a wetter year where we may be able to sustain more population. Also understanding a farmer's fertility program, how much nitrogen are we putting out, also helps determine what that optimum population will be.

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