Drydown and Grain Storage

Channel Seedsman Jim Burns discusses drydown time and optimal conditions of grain storage.

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Key Takeaways:

  • If you are in a colder climate, utilize a fan to cool down the corn to avoid condensation inside the storage bin.  
  • It is extremely important that you are monitoring for extra moisture buildup in storage bins to ensure you produce high-quality grain.

What advice can you give farmers about drydown time and grain storage?

Storage grain and getting the drydown, I mean, you want to leave it in the field as long as possible. Guys want to push that so they can save some money on propane. But at the same time, they have to take into account field loss, ear drop, things like that if you have that kind of problem. So don't be afraid to get out there and take a little bit early if you need to; 15%-18% even 20% isn't that bad to dry. As far as storage is concerned, make sure it's dried properly, make sure you're monitoring it, keeping an eye on it, and also, once it gets cold if you're in the colder climates, don't be afraid to turn that fan on and get that corn to cool down so in the spring, you don't get the condensation inside the bin.

Watching up for moisture in the bin, we’ll usually crawl up in the bins and just check to make sure that there isn't a leak in the roof or anything like that. A lot of those things you can see just by crawling up and opening the hatch and looking inside. Just make sure there aren't problems with the bin if some things are smelling funny, or anything like that. So sometimes you can probe it. Some farmers will have probes either in the bin or ones that they can take samples up to check. But it's important to monitor. You've got a lot of money stuck in those bins, and you got to make sure that that grain is a good high quality.

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