Establishing Even Corn Stands

Seedsman Keith Gunderson of River Falls, Wisconsin, gives his tips on how to establish even corn stands.

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Key Takeaways:

  • One of the most important things when planting seed is to have a clean field.
  • Your yield will be impacted if some plants emerge later than others.


What are your tips for establishing even corn stands? 

In my area, we have a lot of growers, either no-till, minimum till or full tillage, and each way we got to set the planter up to focus on that. So that means, you know, either the down pressure that we have on it, the way we're setting our trash whips on it to move the trash out of the way. Because the biggest thing, you know, we want to make sure we have a clean furrow there where we're planting that seed. So each seed can that way, you know, get soil packed around it is going to equal emergence so spacing is good. And then, you know, with that, that also gains as a lot for that emergence that we're going to have. So, if we've got plants that are emerging a little later than others, that's going to be an impact on your yield. So, I think it's really just setting up to the scenario that you have and knowing that if you're doing both that you need to make changes in between that to, you know, get the stand establishment that you need.

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