Establishing Planting Rate​

Channel Seedsman Scott Nedved from Yankton, SD, explains how he helps his growers establish a planting rate.

Key Takeaways:

  • Yield goal and fertility plan must be established before determining planting rate
  • Planting trials and regional trends can also play a role in establishing planting rate

What process do you recommend for a grower trying to establish planting rate?

When I sit down with a grower and talk about planting rates, the first thing I talk about or ask them is what's your yield goal? And once that's kind of vetted out, the next question is, well, what's the fertility plan to meet that yield goal? And if those things match up, then we can start to talk about planting rate and what could get him or her the highest likelihood of hitting their yield goal based on a certain planting rate. And we can talk about what some other folks around the region or area are doing. We can talk about plots and data that comes out of planting trials, planting rate trials. And in some cases, we can even go and do trials on their own farm. You know, sometimes seeing is believing. But we’ve got understand, to set that base planting rate, every year is a little bit different. We gotta take all that information together to get that base planting rate set.​​​

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