Fall Scouting to be Proactive for Spring Weed Management

Fall is typically the time farmers are concerned with harvest, and rightfully so. But what about scouting for weeds? One of the biggest yield robbers are the weeds that grow within our crop fields. Weeds compete for the same water and nutrients our crops need, and we don’t want that. Scouting, for weeds in the fall can help farmers determine what may be needed for weed control next spring. When doing fall fieldwork, be sure to observe and identify which weeds are growing in the field and where they are within the field. Broadleaves versus grasses, small seeded or large seeded weeds…Knowing these now can make for better herbicide product selections and cultural control tactics in the spring.

What products did I use in this year’s crop?  Crop rotations usually dictate the next round of herbicide modes of action (MOA) that can be used but be sure to review your product labels and mix those MOAs to help avoid selecting for weed resistance. If the pressure is bad now, it’s worth considering a fall herbicide application to stay ahead of weed pressure. Always check crop rotation interval restrictions on herbicide labels to ensure your fall application allows for the planned spring crop to be planted.

A good PRE herbicide is very important to help stay ahead of troublesome weeds. A good weed is one that never emerges, so be sure to include overlapping residuals to extend your weed control until leaf canopy can help shade them out.

A little scouting this fall has the potential to pay big dividends in the future. Understand your fall pressure to help you plan and be ready for the next crop season.

Jeremy Miner

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