Fall Weed Control on Prevented Planting Acres

As fall approaches, we must remember that even though we are nearing the end of a growing season, we must remain vigilant when it comes to weed control on prevented planting acres. Remember, one of the key objectives to managing prevented planting acres is to prevent weeds on those acres from going to seed. It’s likely that a weed management plan, such as cover crops, mowing, tillage or herbicides has already been started. Late summer/fall is likely the final phase of that plan and finalization steps should be implemented.

  • If cover crops were used, it is anticipated that they were able to get established and do their job of controlling erosion and suppressing weeds. If a grass cover crop stand was not thick enough to fully suppress weeds, then consider a growth regulator herbicide such as 2,4-D in the fall to control broadleaf weeds that may have broken through.
  • If mowing or tillage was a part of the prevented planting acre management plan, then continue with that process in the fall. Remember to initiate the mowing or tillage prior to the weeds getting much size to them and before the weeds have set seed.
  • If herbicides were part of the prevented planting acre management plan, then the late summer/fall time frame may be the appropriate time to make an additional application. Again, target any summer annuals before they go to seed. Also, this application could be similar in scope to what you would want to accomplish with a fall burndown application. Control the existing vegetation with burndown herbicides such as glyphosate, 2,4-D or dicamba. If your goal is to maintain a clean seed bed come springtime, the use of an herbicide product with residual control should be considered.   

ALWAYS READ AND FOLLOW PESTICIDE LABEL DIRECTIONS. Performance may vary, from location to location and from year to year, as local growing, soil and weather conditions may vary. Growers should evaluate data from multiple locations and years whenever possible and should consider the impacts of these conditions on the grower’s fields. Channel® and the Arrow Design® and Seedsmanship At Work® are registered trademarks of Channel Bio, LLC. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. ©2019 Bayer Group. All rights reserved.

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