Favorite Memories Working With Farmers

Hear Seedsman Colby Woods talk about some of his favorite moments of working with growers during harvest.

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Key Takeaways:

  • A grower’s success is a Seedsman’s success.

What is one of your favorite memories of working with a grower during harvest?

So, one of the guys that I've currently worked with, he kind of just got into farming not too long ago. He's a little younger than me, kind of a family friend. He's been asking a lot of questions, you know, how to get things going, what to look for. And I've just kind of been his almost like big brother or go-to guy on a lot of these questions. And this last year was his first year of successfully going through a full planting season and harvest. And he was over the top in joy with how things ended up. He has a young wife and kid too. So to see him and the joy he had after getting through a full year and knowing that, you know, I helped him along the way kind of as a teacher, a mentor and, you know, along with, you know, his wife, and my wife and all of us we go out to dinner every so often. Just seeing that his success, you know, is bringing our success, and to see how excited he is for the next year coming forward, that brings a lot of excitement to me as well.

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