Grain Storage Tips​​​​​

​​Proper storage is a must to maintain grain quality until delivery to the end user is accomplished.


A few tips to help keep grain in good condition until it is ready to sell should include:

  • Keeping the aeration system running as the grain is being augured into the bin to help equalize grain moisture.
  • Leveling the grain when the bin is full, thus promoting better air movement through the grain.
  • Managing the grain temperature. The grain should be cooled to about 35° F to 40° F for winter storage; however, if colder temperatures are present, the grain should be cooled to below 35°F.
  • Make sure there is proper aeration to keep grain cool and reduce moisture buildup.
  • The first aeration cycle should begin when the average temperature is 10° F to 15° F cooler than the grain.
  • Grain that has been dried at higher temperatures should be aerated immediately.
  • It is important to know how long it will take the fan to move a cooling/warming cycle through the bin. Check with your bin supplier if the rate is unknown.
  • Scouting for grain-damaging insects should be conducted regularly. New grain should not be put on top of old grain because of the potential of insects in the old grain.​

Finally, always be safe around grain bins and grain handling equipment, and never enter any bins when grain is flowing and without proper safety equipment. Another person should always be watching over any person who has entered a bin.​​

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