How To Conduct a Stand Count

Channel Seedsman Zach Cooper explain how to conduct a stand count and why it matters in the field.

Key Takeaways:
  • Taking a stand count helps determine if plant populations are optimized for yield targets.

  • When conducting stand counts, 17.4 feet equals about 1/10th of an acre.

How has the ability to conduct a stand count provided benefit to your farm?

So in the channel field checkup series, we'll go out and we'll do a lot of stand counts trying to figure out if we've nailed our population goal. If we have then we're in great shape and we start identifying weeds and potential other pests that are in the field. However, if we're unable to hit that mark, now we have to look at our charts and figure out where we are from an economic threshold. And when we go out and do a stand count, we'll measure 17.4 feet and most of us have that memorized in your stepping pattern, and then you'll count those and that counts for about a 10th of an acre. So then we'll just count the plants and if we've hit our target mark of 30 or 34,000 then we know we're in good shape. Or maybe if we're at 29,000 our goal was 31 it's just trying to identify what that looks like as far as what our yield goal is. Can we still hit where we need to be?

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