How to Handle Frogeye Leaf Spot

Channel Seedsman Frank Miklozek explains how he starts with the Field Check Up Series in the vegetative state to see if he can spot Frogeye Leaf Spot affecting his farmers' fields.

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Key Takeaways:

  • Frogeye Leaf Spot is a common disease that can affect your yield if left untreated.
  • It's important to catch the signs early and address the issue with the proper fungicide.
How has utilizing Field Check Up Series in the vegetative state helped you determine the affect of Frogeye Leaf Spot on a farmers' field? 

So we'll start with the field checkup series, in the vegetative state, in late June all the way through July, to kind of see where the frogeye is at. It can sometimes come up late with tropical storms. And then when we see the frogeye come in, which is the angular lesions on top of the leaf canopy. They're small, are about the size of a pea, let's call it. And we'll assess the yield potential of the field, we'll assess the disease and how aggressively it's coming on, and then we'll go to the grower and look at products for fungicide like Delaro®, that is a really good product for frogeye, it's got great control, it's got great residual. So that way we can control that disease to optimize the grower's profit.

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