How to Spot Stink Bugs on Soybeans

Channel Seedsman Ben Acheson explains how to identify this type of infestation and how it could affect your yield potential.

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Key Takeaways:

  • Stink bug infestations can affect soybean yield potential and disrupt a regular harvest time.
  • Once you identify the signs of an infestation, you can take the next steps to manage it.
How has the ability to spot Stink Bugs provided benefit to your farm?

We're starting to do a lot of prescriptive fertilizer, from nitrogen to your phosphorous to your potassium. Knowing which parts of the fields are producing more yield and which are less, we like to do a soil sample first to know what the base levels are. Then based on what the yield goals are in those certain areas, we fertilize the hit the yield goal. So we're actually putting the fertilizer where it needs to be versus blanketly treating the field, the whole, exactly the same way. So it's using your resources best in the economic times we're in where money's tight. With the use of Climate FieldView™, we're able to see historical trends of the good spots in the fields, the bad spots in the field, the higher yielding, the poorer yielding areas in the field. We can take that and create prescriptions for nitrogen, for phosphorous, or for potassium, and for seed in those better spots in the field and really push the good spots and hold back on the bad spots or not give them more than what they can handle. And all that is available by the power of Climate FieldView.

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