How to Treat Stink Bug Infestations

Channel Seedsman Frank Miklozek explains how to treat Stink Bug Infestations in the field.

Key Takeaways:

  • Certain factors like reduced tillage can lead to an increase in the amount of stink bugs in your field.
  • It's important to control stink bugs with a proper insecticide treatment to reduce the negative economic impact.
How has the ability to treat Stink Bug Infestations provided benefit to your farm?

Stinkbugs are pretty aggressive when it comes to feeding on plants, whether it's corn or soybeans. We saw a really bad infestation in soybeans this year. And what they do is they have a needle like mouth part, and they will inject that into the soybean pod and drain the bean out. So, when you have a large population of stinkbugs, which keeps gradually getting larger because of reduced tillage, wood lines, that kind of overwintering of corn stalks, especially in a mild winter, we'll have to go in and look at the different pressures and then recommend an insecticide treatment at that point in time so that we can control that population because it can be very economically damaging over these different plants.

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