Identifying and Managing Iron Deficiency Chlorosis in Soybeans

Channel Seedsman Kirby Hettver discusses tips for identifying and managing Iron Deficiency Chlorosis.

Key Takeaways:
  • A typical sign of iron deficiency chlorosis is when beans start to go from green to yellow and become stunted.

  • One way to help manage chlorosis is to use an iron-chelated product at planting to help the crop grow through the difficult early season stages.

How has the ability to identify and manage Iron Deficiency Chlorosis provided benefit to your farm?

Iron deficiency chlorosis (IDC) in West Central Minnesota. We identify that basically every year. We know the geography that is most affected. When the beans start to go from green down to yellow and become stunted, typical sign of some chlorosis issues in that field. There's a number of things we can do for growers to help get over that. We can have them start by using an iron-chelated product at planting to help the crop grow through those tough parts early in the season. And just variety or product selection is another very key thing. And, fortunately, in our area, Channel brought to market three really great products. And we had a one-row IDC test plot on our farm, and those three new products that were brought to market last year really showed up great.

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