Impact of Corn Earworm on Growers​​

Channel Seedsman John Fabian, from Greely, Colorado discusses the impact corn earworm can have on growers in Northern Colorado.

Key Takeaways:

  • Corn earworm is difficult to control because it lives within the husk around the ear.
  • Channel’s VT Double PRO® products and SmartStax® products are providing earworm control.

What impact has corn earworm had on growers in Northern Colorado?

Corn earworm is a challenge throughout the entire industry and depending on the year, it can be a big issue for Colorado corn growers. It's always the first kernels lost on the ear in my opinion, throughout the season, and really when you walk growers through the idea that if they were to lose a couple kernels per ear across every ear on that acre, they're losing five to seven bushel per acre, and as you multiply that out from 1 acre to 10 acres, to a 50 and 100 acres, the cost really adds up and it's been one of those pests that has been hard to control, because it lives within the husk around the ear. With our VT Double PRO® products and our SmartStax® products, it's awesome that we're getting earworm control out of them, because we have gained and been able to take the competitive advantage to the next level against our competitors because of the traits and the control that we have within those two product lines.​​​

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