Impact of Row Spacing on Weed Management Plans

Channel Seedsman Brady Bishop from Salem, Indiana, explains how row spacing impacts a grower’s weed management plan.

Key Takeaways

  • Wider spaces mean bushier, taller product to help canopy the row sooner.
  • More flexibility on the type of product that can be used on larger row spacing.

How does row spacing impact a grower's weed management plan?

When I'm working with growers based on their row spacing that they have in their soybean production, that plays a vital role in weed management. So, if I have a grower who's going to be on drilled bean to 7-inch rows, obviously they're going to have a quicker canopy than what some of my growers running products on a 30-inch row is. So, based on that, we need to look at different types of chemical programs based on residuals and the types of burndown that they're going to run. A guy with a 30-inch spacing is definitely going to need more bushier, taller product to help canopy that row sooner versus a straight line, narrow line bean and the guy on the drilled scenario has a lot more flexibility on what type of product he can use.​

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