Importance of Burndown in a Weed Management Strategy​​

Channel Seedsman Scott Stedje ​from Gruver, Texas, explains why burndown is an important part of an overall weed management strategy. 

Key Takeaways:

  • Burndown is a proactive piece of a weed management strategy
  • Work with your Channel Seedsman to develop a year-round, comprehensive weed management strategy

Why is burndown important in a weed management strategy?

The best weed is a weed that never comes up, and so we'll come in there early on with a Balance Flexx® come in there with a burn down of, you know, RT3® or PowerMAX® and, you know, try to get on the front side of it, and then we'll chase the planters with another burn down with a RT3 and then come in there with a Harness Xtra® or some sort of a atrazine chemical. But what we found out is if we can keep a weed from ever showing up, we're ahead of the curve, and so burn down is extremely important in weed management.

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