Maintaining High Quality Grain in Storage

Channel Seedsman Beau Jacobson discusses how to maintain high-quality grain in storage.

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Key Takeaways:

  • Keep air bins under 20% moisture.
  • To reduce spoilage, keep crop temperature within 10 to 20 degrees of the air temperature.

What benefits has the ability to maintain high quality grain while in storage provided for your farm?

Our recommendation on grain quality and storage would you know basically we'd like to see you guys that are going directly into air bins to be under twenty percent moisture, get the crop cooled down dried down so we can hold it throughout the winter months and then have the ability to kick the fans on force air through. Keep that temperature of the crop within you know 10 to 20 degrees of what the air temperature is to reduce the risk of spoilage. We like to see our guys run everything across a screener, so we remove the most amount of fines that we possibly can to improve storage. Our recommendation is to dry corn down to you know fifteen to sixteen, percent removing the final couple points with the air as it cools. After it's been screened should give them a good storage life that would you know potentially give them up to a year or the full calendar to market their grain properly.

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