Making Better Decisions With the Climate FieldView™​​​​​​

Channel Seedsman Tim Marzen from Doughtery, Iowa, talks about making better input management decisions with the help of Climate FieldView™.

Key Takeaways

  • The Climate FieldViewTM platform can help you keep track of where your best return on investment is.
  • The Climate FieldView platform is a great tool to have if you do a lot of trials.

How can the Climate FieldView platform help farmers make better input management decisions?

Using the Climate FieldView platform, I had a customer who we have actually sat down year after year and used the yield analysis. And this particular farmer does a lot of trials. So basically being able to put it in his planter and his sprayer and his combine, we can use maps on top of maps, and see where he has the best return on investment. So for instance, if he plants different populations and he also does a fungicide trial with his sprayer and we have the drive in his sprayer to record all that information, then when we get to harvest after he combines, when we sit down in December, we can go through and figure out where his best return on investment was. ​

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