Making Decisions With the Population Optimizer​ Tool

Channel Seedsman Josh Stamp from Belle Plaine, Iowa, explains how he uses the Channel® Population Optimizer to make planting rate decisions with his growers.

Key Takeaways:

  • It is used to give a more accurate return on investment (ROI) to growers.
  • It can be used to give a net worth to a grower for a crop.

How do you use the Channel® Population Optimizer to make planting rate decisions with your growers?

Population Optimizer's a great tool that Channel offers. Anybody can get on the website, use it, but we have used it in the past. Basically, right now it's real important for your ROI. That's what everybody's looking at. What are we going to make off these crops?  It's not as simple as it was 10, 15 years ago. You'd grab a bag of seed and you'd plant everything at the same rate. So with this tool, you put in your zip code and it will pull up products in your area. And then, after that, you put in your optimal level for yield for your area. So, whatever the grower expects. And then you can put in the cost of the grain or what you're going to get for the grain. And then, at the end, it will pop out at 34,000, it will say, "This would be your optimum planting rate for this product in your area, which will give you your net worth." So I think it's a great tool for any Seedsman to use and any grower to use.

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