Management Strategies for Gray Leaf Spot​

Channel Seedsman Ryan Grable, from Troy, KS, discusses management strategies for growers experiencing gray leaf spot. 

Key Takeaways:

  • Weather is a factor in the severity of gray leaf spot
  • The severity of gray leaf spot will help determine whether a fungicide application is needed

What management strategies do you recommend for growers with gray leaf spot?

We see gray leaf spot to a certain extent every year. It's more of a matter of, it's not a matter of, if it's there it's how bad is it going to get. Some years is worse than others. Most growers in my area will use a fungicide application, at tassel time or immediately after, to help control that. Some areas you'll see it move in and then depending on the weather any given year it'll either stop or not get as bad to where you can justify spending that money for the application. But that's one thing that I do with a lot of my growers is be out looking at those fields, doing the field check-up series, determining what is the severity of the disease. Is it bad enough? Do we need to look at a fungicide application or not? And then working with the growers and talking through that to determine if a fungicide application is the right thing to do. 

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