Management Strategies for Western Bean Cutworm​

Channel Seedsman Matt Hasenhauer, from North Platte, NE, explains when to scout for western bean cutworms. 

Key Takeaways:

  • Begin scouting for western bean cutworm in the Reproductive Stage.
  • When scouting for western bean cutworm, look for egg masses in the upper third of the plant.

What management strategies do you recommend for western bean cutworm?

In regards to western bean cutworm in our area, we have kind of a growing problem. You know, it kind of disappeared when we first started bringing in BT technologies, but it's kind of making a resurgence. And, it's one of the biggest benefits that I provide for my growers, is I go out and help scout for them. They're not incredibly difficult to scout for, you just look for the egg masses in the upper third of the plant, but it's always in late July, early August, which it's never a real fun time to be crawling out in the corn field. So, I think the growers appreciate. I try to stage the progress of the past and see when the eggs are gonna hatch and try to give them some sort of idea of when spraying would be the most economically and timely.​

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