Managing Nutrient Deficiencies in Corn​​

Channel Seedsman John Fabian, from Greely, Colorado, shares his nutrient defiency management strategies.

Key Takeaways:

  • Acceleron Seed Applied Solutions can help prevent nutrient deficiency issues in corn.
  • Tillage practices can also have an impact on nutrient uptake of corn.

What are your recommendations for managing nutrient deficiencies in corn?

The main nutrient deficiency in our area is probably nitrogen. And it's always going to be the limiting factor of yield, specifically in a corn situation. In general, the more that we get into conversation tillage practices, we're seeing the nutrients are more readily available in the upper parts of the soil, but we're also starting to understand that with QuickRoots® [Technology] and other BioAg products as we promote the plant to grow a bigger root system, that's going to branch out and pick up more nutrients from the soil. Also in a product like QuickRoots [Technology], we're seeing it's designed to free up more phosphorus in the soil, which is a huge element in plant development and everything else. I really think that if we start introducing more biologicals into the soil that are healthy, and continue to stimulate other microbe interactions within the soil, I think that there's gonna be a huge amount of productivity that's gonna be gained by promoting better soil health.​​​​

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